Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women – Assignment Example

The paper "Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?" is a great example of an assignment on culture.
Older women who are raised in a predominantly patriarchal culture are more resistant to accept change as this equates to losing their credibility in the society in which they have grown and which now regards their presence as being important for the society.
The ability of cultures to accept change while maintaining their survival should never be underestimated; however, granting the rights to one group while giving no importance to the voices of other groups of the society can never serve a fruitful purpose.
The main aim of liberalism should be to ensure that every person of the society is given a fair chance of survival and success, while allowing them to follow a living style that is in accordance to their beliefs; however, to achieve this objective, the level of socioeconomic equality should be far greater than that prevalent today.
Multicultural Citizenship
Liberal principles have a tendency to be soft towards ‘external protections’; this is in some way protective for the minorities residing in a particular area as liberal justice does not allow one group to become oppressive towards another relatively weaker group.
When liberalism is judged in regard to one’s choice of a religion, it is important to note that in the west, religious liberty is more a matter of personal conscience than being the decision of the conscience of the majority population.
For a considerably longer period of time in history, when the Ottomans ruled a vast region of land, the concept of a liberal society worked successfully; this was the time when people from a variety of faiths gathered together on the same land and stood side by side to enrich the prevailing cultures.