Proper Behavior in the Workplace – Assignment Example

The paper "Proper Behavior in the Workplace" is an exceptional example of an assignment on human resources. The Youtube video I watched this week was very helpful. It taught me a lot of things about proper behavior in the workplace. Avoiding sexual harassment is imperative to the success of a workplace. Any conduct of a sexual nature that makes an employee uncomfortable may qualify as sexual harassment (Youtube, 2015). Office gossip and rumors can also negatively affect the workplace environment. They can lead to a distressful and conflict-ridden workplace. Office rumors such as the possibility of layoffs can create uncertainty and chaos within a firm. Rumors can bring distraction among the workers which often leads to reductions in productivity. It is important to state opinions in the workplace in a diplomatic way. Employees have to control their body language at work. Bullying and ridiculing is not acceptable behavior at your place of work. It is important to remember that the workspace of others is sacred and should not be invaded or disrespected. 
The adaption of a virtual workplace is a common tool that is used in today's workplaces. “Over the last decade, the merging of phone and Internet services has led to easily available and often inexpensive technologies for video and audio conferencing, webinars and shared desktops, surveys and instant polling'' (Young, 2009).  Collaboration is a powerful tool that can enable critical thinking, problem-solving, and reflective learning. I learn this week that an effective virtual event should be short, no longer than 90 minutes. Employees require flexible learning and open training throughout their professional life (Palacios-Marquez & Cortez-Grao & Lobato, 2012).