General Opinion about the iPhone: Is it Good or Bad – Assignment Example

The paper "General Opinion about the iPhone: Is it Good or Bad?" is a great example of a marketing assignment.
The iPhone, launched by Apple Inc., is a line of smartphones which contains almost all functions of a camera phone, media player and acts as an internet device. Besides, the touch screen enabled phone is user-friendly. Thesis statement: General opinion about the iPhone: Is it good or bad?
The general opinion about iPhone is that it includes basic features and functions of a mobile phone. In addition, its multimedia functioning and 3G features are really innovative in this age of rapid progress in science and technology. Besides, its battery backup is really good and most useful for those who have less time to charge their mobile phones. The iPhone's usefulness as a device with easy access to the internet, music clarity etc attracts the younger generation towards the same. But the iPhone 3GS is more innovative and faster than the iPhone 3G. Jesse Varsalone (2008), in the work-‘Macintosh OS X, iPod, and iPhone Forensic Analysis DVD Toolkit’ makes clear that the second generation iPhone is ground-breaking and most compatible to a 3G network (p.46).
The most important criticism against the iPhone is that the problem of call clarity is still unresolved. But Frank Zammetti (2010), in the work-‘Practical Palm Pre WebOS Projects’ opines that the most important criticism against the iPhone is that, its ultimate control over hardware and software is under the direct control of the Apple (p.13). At the same time, 3G reception in the iPhone needs further improvement.

Summing, general opinion about the iPhone consists of positive and negative opinions. But it is noteworthy that iPhone is an innovative device which is capable to attract the attention of all who are in fond of technological innovation. Besides, the younger generation considers the iPhone as the best example of technological innovation and as a status symbol.