Vygotsky's Approach to Children Development – Assignment Example

The paper "Vygotsky's Approach to Children Development" is a great example of a psychology assignment.
Psychological tools bridge the gap between one’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior. It connects the lower and higher mental functions. Examples of which are counting, mnemonic techniques, art, writing, conventional signs. The most important of which is language. These psychological tools allow a child to learn and to develop competencies and skills. It develops and improves the mental processes of a child because it allows him to coordinate the mental and physical systems of one’s development. It is also needed to improve the social activities of the child. With this, the mental processes of the child develop too because of the coordination that he needs to adapt in order to fully use the tools in connection with his thinking.
How did Vygotsky view the role of egocentric speech in a child’s activity?
Egocentric speech is the verbal thoughts of a person. It then relates to using language. This allows the child to use his mind developing his language within his thoughts before actually speaking it. This also allows the child to grasp meanings and respond to stimuli quicker.