Value of Education to the Hispanic Family – Assignment Example

The paper "Value of Education to the Hispanic Family" is a worthy example of an assignment on education. This is a difficult question to answer since it is lumping all of the Hispanics into one category. To understand the Hispanic community, it has to be individualized. It has to take into consideration the country that they come and the specific area from that country. It is important to take into consideration the country, the culture, the traditions, the customs, the history, the idiomatic terms, and the non-verbal communication. Take for example the Mexicans. The Mexicans value education although there is a high illiteracy rate. The government instills and motivates education with broadcast segments, television educational program (English, computers, science, and mathematics), and new technology brought into the schools. The Mexican plight is different. There is poverty, hunger, and desolation. Education takes a back seat in the Mexican family due to the very limited already mentioned factors. The family is a very valuable factor. Living in an extended family environment, the loop of children having children, and the scarcity of funds to pursue an education hinders them. Most of these children, if asked, would prefer to go to school versus going to the fields but their families have needs and prioritize them. In the United States of America (USA) there are many migrant workers that are seasonal workers in different states of the nation depending on seasonal crops. Living in inner cities is not different. They generally come from poverty-stricken families. The Mexicans are very nationalist. Their culture may not necessarily include the educational one. It may be the traditional oral history communication. The children that are in the schools in the USA are not, generally speaking, affluent children. Their families migrated to the USA to find a better way of living, better employment opportunities, and a better lifestyle, only to find out that the loop of poverty continues.