Kansas Nebraska Act – Assignment Example

The paper "Kansas Nebraska Act" is a wonderful example of a history essay. This letter is in response to the Kansas Nebraska Act that was put in effect by Steven Douglas on May 30, 1854. I believe that this act will lead to disaster and that all possible action should be taken against it.  I highly oppose the Kansas Nebraska Act because I believe it was enacted upon selfish interests. It was enacted not for the good of everyone, but for Steven Douglas' desire to become the President. It is an act that is not well thought out and the implications have not been properly weighed.
Steven Douglas simply tossed aside the Missouri Compromise without much consideration. We know that the Missouri Compromise kept the peace between the pro-slavery and antislavery parties, but now that the Kansas Nebraska Act is in place, this will lead to tension. Pro-slavery and antislavery parties will be flocking to gain control.
With the Kansas Nebraska Act, slavery will get the chance to propagate again. This is something that all of us must move against. We must fight for freedom and not for selfish interests. Slavery should be prevented from spreading.
I believe that it is of utmost importance that we make our move quickly before the levels of tension can escalate.  Through your publication, we may be able to convince enough people to move together and fight the Kansas Nebraska Act. Hopefully, by doing this, we can prevent any bloodshed from happening.
Through your publication, we will be able to make a significant change in our society in a peaceful way. I firmly believe in the power of words to positively affect our society. I can feel that some who share our sentiments may be getting impatient, so we have to do our best to calm them and prevent the use of force to effect change. This issue can be solved if peaceful methods are used.