Transport Security Administration – Assignment Example

The paper "Transport Security Administration " is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Transport Security Administration (T.S.A) is a U.S based agency entrusted with the provision of security to passengers who are traveling. The agency has employed twenty security layers to beef up security to people especially by air. These security layers are applicable in fighting terrorism that as a proofed vice in the security sector. Identification requirement, for instance, is legislative provisions where passengers are supposed to produce all their valid identification documents at the airport (Levi, 2012). The agency thereafter compares details of the passenger against the list of terrorists kept by the Department of Terrorist Screening Centre. If one of the passengers’ details tallies with any name on the list, it will prompt the agency to take the necessary counter-terrorism action. The security checkpoints usually mount a tight screening and inspection of passengers and their cargo to get rid of any dangerous weapon at their disposal. This security layer tends to net and bar already blacklisted terrorist from boarding flights and ends up performing their ill motives. With collaborative effort with the National Intelligence, the agency has issued a ban on transportation of large laserjet printers and cartridges beyond a certain weight. This greatly minimizes the tendency of terrorists putting explosive disguised in the printers. The personnel employed by TSA are equal to the task (Levi, 2012). Federal air marshal has a duty of protecting planes from any unforeseen hijacking or aerial attacks by terrorists. A mobile canine team who operate the entire airport using sniffer dogs to search for dangerous explosives and ammunition secretly sneaked into the airport by the terrorists. From the analysis of the security layers TSA aviation agency is using, terrorists will seldom attack the members of the public and take away their innocent lives. This is possible through a joint venture with the government intelligence team who has vast knowledge in fighting terrorism in the country.

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