How to Properly Introduce a Research Study and Purpose Statement – Assignment Example

The paper "How to Properly Introduce a Research Study and Purpose Statement" is a wonderful example of an assignment on education. Chapter four is about how to properly introduce a research study. To introduce the research study properly, the issue or research problem should be identified with various reviews on related literature which includes the “pointing out the deficiencies in the literature”. The target audience should also be identified and written down to support the relevancy of the study. To be able to provide a methodical process in crafting an academic introduction to a study or proposal, this chapter defines four major types of mixed methods designs which focus on the intent, key procedures, common variants, and the inherent strengths and challenges. These four designs are the following: triangulation design, embedded design, explanatory design, and the exploratory design. The four designs are not the only elements which need to be considered but also the importance of choosing an appropriate design for the study as well as how each factor can influence and affect the decision. These factors are weight, timing, and mixing. Chapter five deals with the Purpose Statement. Creswell states that the author or authors mention the purpose or intent of the study at the beginning of the research proposal and it is to be the primary and most important statement in the proposal’s entirety; therefore, it should be written with much care and focus. To be able to make a good purpose state, a script is needed. A script is sort of a draft which contains the major words and ideas of a statement. It seems to be very exact and clear. Actually, it is and it should be, only that, it gives the researcher some room to insert his or her own ideas regarding the study. However you write the purpose statement still somehow follows the same techniques – with the use of a script or draft. The content of your purpose statement, of course, varies on the type of proposal or study that you are making and also the style of writing depends on the method of research that you are going to use, whether its qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods.