Disadvantaged of UrFilez – Assignment Example

The paper "Disadvantaged of UrFilez " is a worthy example of an assignment on business. UrFilez has demonstrated throughout its PowerPoint presentation that this is a profitable investment given its growth from 2009 to years projections. Throughout these economic hardships, it is imperative and a dire need to seek the federal government´s help to launch a business transaction of this nature. This venue may help as a unifying instrument for all of the countries involved in this process and become a positive aspect of our economic disadvantage and crisis. This venue would not only help to include The United States of America, but it will also include those countries which are being serviced by other vendors of this sort and others that are not. UrFilez would be placed in a position to expand as a small business with great revenue projections. With the use of the Internet, as a technological mechanism of launching this business, as we live in a borderless world, it is UrFilez´ desire to venture into a business transaction where we may become leaders in these identified areas. We have the personnel with the appropriate experience for its launch. We need the funds to launch the business to start as a small business enterprise. According to our projection, once the funds are in place, the personnel will be able to multiply our revenues given our experiences in the corporate world, expand the services on a worldwide basis, and be in a position to launch a business of this kind by individuals that are knowledgeable of these areas and that are familiar with business transactions in different cultural settings. I hope you give us the opportunity to establish as a small business with your so needed funds and much-desired help for growth. We hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience so that we may start with this business venture and in a position to see the projected revenues. To be a small business with such expectations is what the USA will need to strengthen its economy. Small businesses have upheld the economy in the past. We hope to be part of this small business enterprise.