Theories and Practices of Domestic Terrorism – Assignment Example

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The paper "Theories and Practices of Domestic Terrorism" is a delightful example of an assignment on sociology. The domestic break-away group is one of the eleven characteristics that Kaplan assigns to the Fifth Wave groups in his Four-wave theory. He states that the group usually starts with geography and culture, especially in cases where a militia is assigned the duty of protecting their tribal members. These militias, normally idiosyncratic in nature, begin as genuine groups on the basis of promoting morality within the society. However, the failure of these militias risks the security of the subject community since the members are likely to wage a move that aims to feral and prey upon their own people (Kaplan, 2008).

Subsequently, this gives rise to the fifth group whom their insidious acts, through rape and killing, binds them to the group never to go back to their family members. Aryan Nations is a proper example of terrorist groups that elaborates on the establishment of the fifth group. The group started in 1970 as a Christian identity group branded Church of Jesus Christ-Christian.

However, in 007, the group associated with many terrorists’ attacks as reported by FBI. Does extremism equal terrorism? Are the tactics and behaviours of domestic extremists Constitutionally protected or criminal acts? In the hope of protecting their firm beliefs, extremist are likely to involve in terrorist acts since this is the only way they can strengthen their opinion in the eye of their government. Kaplan asserts that the extremist, amidst establishment of the fifth group, ends up putting their people, especially women and children, at the centre of attacks since they are the prize over whom the fifth waves' fight is waged.

Intuitively, extremism equals terrorism, since both subjects would end up involving in treacherous just to ensure they have satisfied their self-proclaimed opinions. As seen in most fights between the FBI and domestic extremist, the intuition of the tactics and behaviours used by the latter are criminal acts, which the constitution forbids.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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