The Union Drive at Apollo Corporation – Assignment Example

The paper "The Union Drive at Apollo Corporation " is a good example of an assignment on management. Being the bridge between the management and Labor Force is by no means a pretty task. It calls for a sharp intellect a glib tongue and speedy action. A person in this strategic position could either do away with trouble or invite more trouble. The following case gives us a clear comprehension of what transpires when a problem like this occurs. The violation that the Apollo Corporation committed was to discharge Bob Thomas a plant maintenance engineer who had rendered his services for 19 years. In addition to this, the had meted out the only average and at times below – average annual performance appraisals during the time that he worked there. Another important point f note is that during the time Thomas had worked there, Apollo Corporation had not enforced any attendance policy and he was never disciplined for it even though his attendance had been quite poor, especially during the last 5 years prior to his termination. In fact, the attitude of showing a laid-back attitude towards their employees gave them the courage to join the union. Jean Lipski being the director for HR had a great responsibility to bridge the gap between the management and the workers. The argument she would use to support her case would be that she had been pressurized by the management to enforce HR policies and to see that the supervisory relationship with the employees was tightened and also to take disciplinary action against those not conforming to company law. As for Bob Thomas, he was afraid of losing his job because he had already lost favor with the management because of his past conduct, so he needed to take his grievance to the Union whose support he looked forward to. First of all, managers should act as a catalyst between the management as well as the employees in order to maintain a smooth rapport and the right equilibrium between the two. Even if the management forces them to take dire steps suddenly, they should use diplomacy with every situation and employee and know how to get the best of both worlds. Instead of being harsh, he should be tactful in dealing with them without upsetting a peaceful situation and try to bring about harmony instead of instigating them. According to me, a Union that works in collaboration with the Management could be a better option and would do away with a lot of hatred and unpleasantness. Such a Union could still have its cake and eat it too if it works harmoniously and wholeheartedly with the Management and yet gets its grievances met through face – to – face discussions and debates.

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