The Networking Script – Assignment Example

The paper "Networking Script " is a brilliant example of an assignment on human resources. Candi A: This candi plans to ask her contact questions that are specifically related to opportunities for advancement and the pros and cons of working as a Human Resources Administrative Assistant. The list of questions prepared for Candidate A to ask at the networking conference follows:
1. How did you become interested in Human Resources Administrative Assistant?
2. Why do you think that Human Resources Administrative Assistant is a good career choice?
3. Now that you have been working in human resources, if you could have chosen another career would you?
4. How did you get this job?
5. What position did you start at?
6. Did you find it hard to advance in the Human Resources department?
7. What is your least favorite part of the job?
8. How would you define your role within the company?
9. Do you look forward to coming to work every day?
10. Would you recommend human resources for your own children as a career choice?
Candidate B: Candidate B’s networking is aimed at identifying those qualifications that are particularly important for gaining experience and succeeding at Staples in the Human Resources department. The ten questions for Candidate B are listed below:
1. What are the most significant qualifications for succeeding in the Human Resources department?
2. What kinds of people generally hold the position of Human Resources Administrative Assistant?
3. Would you recommend any particular training in preparation for the position?
4. What issues should I be prepared to confront in the human resources department at Staples?
5. In what way have human resources changed since you joined the field?
6. Did you find it easy to adapt your academic training to the actual job?
7. What parts of your academic training are of most value to the job?
8. Do you know of any organizations that would hire a new graduate?
9. Can you recommend anyone else who can tell me more about human resources?
10. What opportunities are there for advancement in human resources?
The Interview’s Effect on the Candidates
Candidate A: Candidate A was nervous after the interview and wondered if she came across as unenthusiastic and disingenuous. A did, however, feel that her academic background and professional experience might help to mitigate her shortcomings in the actual interview. In retrospect, Candidate A feels that if she could have the interview all over again she would try to appear more interested and enthusiastic. She would also enter the interview with more confidence and not expect for academic and professional experience to speak for her. After all, the resume reflects those strengths. She has therefore learned that the interview should be an expansion of her paper qualifications and should accentuate her personal attributes and skills, factors that cannot be adequately captured in the resume.
Candidate B: Candidate B left the interview feeling confident and satisfied that she had taken the first step toward building her career. She was satisfied that she had conveyed her enthusiasm and motivation to get started in human resources and was eager to put her academic training to practical use. Her only concern was that she might be overlooked for someone with more experience, but was not overly concerned. She regrets not asking the interviewer whether or not the company was looking for an experienced Human Resources Administrative Assistant. If she could take the interview all over again she would ask how important prior experience was for the company or was they amenable to giving a new entrant the opportunity to gain experience. Overall, Candidate B felt that she convinced the interviewer that what she lacked in experience she adequately made up for in enthusiasm and motivation.