The Midland Area – Assignment Example

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The paper "The Midland Area" is a great example of a humanitarian assignment. The study provides an overview of the Midland area. The Midland is broadly divided into two: North Midland and South Midland. North Midland concentrates on the Pennsylvania area. South Midland area covers the Appalachian highlands. Geographical Distribution of FeaturesThe Midland has unique features. Two significant cities in the Eastern United States are part of the Midland super area because of unique historical and cultural aspects. The Midland cities possess unique dialect feature. The Low Back MergerThe Midland is separated from the surrounding territories by the low back merger feature.

The lower /o/ is illustrated as the /oh/. The Telsur pair data possess four allophones types; before /n/, before /k/ before /t/, before /l/. The /ow/ FrontingThe Midland areas possess the general characteristics of /ow/ nucleus. The characteristic is experienced between the Midland area and also the southeastern super region. This feature separates the two regions from the North and also West. Fronting /A/The fronting illustrates the difference between the north and the Midland. This is with minimal exceptions to /A/ and /o/.

The Midland /A/ is presently common among young speakers. The Vowel SystemsThe vowel chart of Midland speakers has the general vowel feature. Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania region merges the /o/ and /oh/ low back vowels. Pittsburgh speakers have a merger that illustrates spontaneous speech and minimal pair tests. Midland Area MapThe map shows the overall overview of the Midland area. Cities in the area include; Parkersburg, Owensboro, Wheeling, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Weirton-Steubenville, Huntington-Ashland, and Louisville. The lexical isogloss complies with the phonological isoglosses that show the Northern Cities Shift in addition to other phonological features of the Inland North.

This supports the North/Midland limits as a major component of the two significant dialect features in the United States.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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