The Good Impacts of Using Computer Technology on the Economy – Assignment Example

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The paper "The Good Impacts of Using Computer Technology on the Economy" is a good example of a technology assignment. Growing use of computer technology in developed nations has a major impact, especially at the infrastructure level. As businesses begin promoting their products online, using innovative marketing which caters to international lifestyles, consumers are using Internet access to buy products which strengthen the health of the local commercial economy. As these computer systems become more advanced and businesses begin developing in these countries, the need for better infrastructure to support these systems becomes necessary, such as cable lines, devoted satellite broadband connections, and wireless Internet access (Okediji, 2007).

When a local region begins having a new infrastructure to coordinate easier and more convenient use of the Internet, it also opens up avenues for different communications to occur in the society. For example, with the growth of cable lines to carry Internet connections comes the ability to spotlight new television programming designed to educate and entertain. Infrastructure improvements which were originally built for supporting computer systems have other long-term positive benefits to improve quality of life by giving consumers access to more information.

Growth in computer technology in developing regions can also improve consumer lifestyle in terms of product variety and pricing reductions which are created by higher amounts of business competition. For example, a wireless Internet company might have no competition in a very undeveloped country, therefore they can exploit buyers with high prices. When a new business comes into the region with better computer technology, pricing becomes more affordable. This represents cost savings for the buyer which can be put to other lifestyle purchases such as food or clothing.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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