Fast Response Incorporated – Assignment Example

The paper "Fast Response Incorporated" is a wonderful example of a business assignment. Fast Response was overpromising on the aspect of speed to its. It is recommended that Fast Response should tone down its promotion and should focus more on the economic feasibility of the connection rather than the speed. This is because the customers could easily get better speed from other accelerated 56k ISPs or from DSL connections. However, the key selling point of Fast Response should focus on providing ‘value for money’. Fast Response could further slash prices to overemphasize this advantage. Fast Response should increase its public relations and advertising campaigns. The research survey had revealed that customers felt Fast Response did not ‘stand out’ in the marketplace. Fast Response had failed to make its mark with its promotion campaigns. It should have a well-thought-out advertising or activation campaign to promote its key feature of ‘economic feasibility’. For the dial-up connections, Fast Response should try to find a niche market. It should target its product to those customers who use the connection very infrequently at home and only for purposes such as email which does not require high speed downloading. Campaigns to such a segment of the market could be focused on emphasizing that customer could pay one-fifth the price to get the same service. Fast Response should not focus on speed but rather on economic feasibility and should promote this to this niche. Furthermore, all promotion should be adapted to the psychology of business workers to capture their attention. It should try to retain current customers by improving the quality of its connections and customer service. It is less likely that those using the more advanced technology of DSL and cable would switch to Fast Response dial-up connections. Therefore, the company should focus on retaining its current customer base. The research revealed that many customers complained of busy signals and poor customer service. The company should focus on the customer service it provides to its clients and should use this as a selling point. Fast Response should not be hesitant to adopt the new technology. The product lifecycle of dial-up connections is on the decline and can only be extended for a short period of time. It should find ways to overcome the difficulties of launching a DSL/cable and should launch a new brand under the same company for DSL connections. The reason why a new brand is recommended because if the same name is used, it would be tarnished by the prior poor reputation of Fast Response dial-up connections.