The Ecology Of English In Saudi Arabia – Assignment Example

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IntroductionLanguage ecology is the study of the linkage between any given language and its environment. The environment in this matter means the people who use this language(Haugen, 2001). English language in Saudi Arabia can be traced from the nineteenth century British trade interests in this region. Because of the deep cultural and religious influence, the use of English has changed in this post colonial era. The defined British interest to the region was because of it’s position along India trade routes in 1932, Saudi Arabia gained independence and because of the presence of colonialist in the region, the attitude towards English turned positive (Pennycook 2004). In Saudi Arabia, Islam is the dominant.

There is therefore a struggle of set boundaries and the religious concerns. The religious status has more authority on its boundaries than the ethno cultural status. In religious domain, its language is ritualized and more sanctified and traditional dominated (Fishman 2000). It is worth noting that, Arabic is the official language and the language that is used in religious activities. Religious books are in Arabic. Islam is the only legalized religion in.

This means that most of the people here practice Islam as their religion and Arabic language as the only language used in religious rituals. However in embassies representing different countries different religions are allowed. This means that language restrictions are common in Saudi Arabia. The comparison of English in relations to other languagesEnglish in Saudi Arabia is spoken as a foreign language This means that it is an EFL country. Arabic is the official language and Urdu, Farsi, Pashto are also spoke in the country. However, due to petroleum product found in the country, there is diverse hiring of laborers from all over the world.

For coordination in the workforce, English language is utilized as ligua francas. (Kraemer, 1990.). This means that English language have of late become a great consideration amongst the population. English language is a must learn subject in intermediate, secondary and tertially level. Arabic is the mostly used language and is used in all official duties and interpreted to other languages where needed especially in the embassies. English is solely used in the business sector only. This is due to the fact that labor hiring is done through the world and the neighboring countries.

Most teaching is religious related and mostly done in Arabic. Neighboring countries like India and Pakistan also have their people in Saudi Arabia; this means that there is also the use their native languages in the country. In this context therefore English is only widely used in the business sector whether international or locally due to the fact that labor hiring from around the world is a common factor in the nation. . The learners and users of English in Saudi ArabiaEnglish is commonly used for intercultural communication between the non native speakers and therefore there are more people speaking English in Saudi Arabia (Ricento 2005).

It is usually used to speak to non Arabic speakers. Due to the business nature of work in Saudi Arabia, business people learn and use English. Students undergo English training which the government has declared a composedly subject in all learning levels.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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