Rhetorically Smooth and Intellectually Deep Writing – Assignment Example

The paper "Rhetorically Smooth and Intellectually Deep Writing" is a wonderful example of an assignment on social science. Yes, there is much truth in the statement above as a good critical thinker can distinguish the difference between someone who writes well rhetorically from someone who is able to write and/or speak with intelligence. Accordingly, the rhetorically smooth type of writing can be traced back to Socrates as he felt that many of the leaders at the time were rhetorically smooth but lacked substance. Socrates knew the importance of questioning and that many people would use confused meanings and inadequate evidence to be rhetorically smooth in an effort to persuade their audiences and sometimes deceive. This is where Socratic Questioning came from. This form of questioning requires both clarity and logic. Things have not changed much and as the leaders of 2,500 years ago and the leaders of today have underlining agendas that they want to achieve. This is not much different from the preacher in the local church, who when asked question about the existence in God, retorts that all we need is to have faith. This is why it is important to be able to think critically so that we can distinguish the difference between a rhetorically smooth politician and an intellectually deep writer, whether it comes from their articles or their speeches.