Make Independent Films – Assignment Example

The paper "Make Independent Films" is an outstanding example of an assignment on visual arts and film studies. Independent films have generally been defined and those films that were made outside of the traditional studio system. However, recently there has been an increasing rise in independent labels from the major studios, including Paramount Vantage and Fox Searchlight. This has therefore created some confusion within the distinction of what an independent film actually is. The technical definition reads as follows: “any movie that was funded with less than 50% of money that came from one of the "big six" major film studios, which are Columbia Pictures (MGM and UA), 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Pictures/Touchstone Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios.” When defining what an independent film actually is, it is probably best to talk about the actual film itself then where and how it got its production money. The concept of “independence” is more like a revolutionary concept in the film industry—something that hopes to break out of that traditional “cookie cutter” role and upset or overturn something. Thus, independent films are not only made as films existing outside of the traditional Hollywood studio system; they are actually films that are made to oppose that system. Independent films, thus, attempt to challenge the basic status quo of the film in general, trying to pave the way to an actual change in the film industry. But the real question is, have independent films changed the film industry, or have they actually just been sucked into the film industry and become a basic part of the very system they have tried to revolt against?