1955-1960 TV Shows – Assignment Example

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The paper "1955-1960 TV Shows" is a good example of an essay on history. Alfred Hitchcock Presents show appeals to me because of the way in which it was filmed and presented. It is a series of dramas, thrillers, and mysteries that are frequently pointed to as the ultimate brilliance in evoking a mood from its audience. This appeals to my sensory curiosity as something that deliberately works to capture my imagination as well as my cognitive curiosity as I try to analyze how it does this. The Honeymooners show is sometimes replayed on late night TV and is a base for many of today’ s comedy shows.

One of the things that makes me want to see it is that it is set in a ‘ typical’ American home which is much different from today’ s standards. The show appeals to my sensory curiosity in enjoying the forms of comedy that are presented as well as to my cognitive curiosity in learning how life was different in 1955 than it was in 2005. Leave it to Beaver is another show that makes the claim it is presenting ‘ typical’ American life in its time.

The difference between this show is more than just two years of airtime, but also that it focuses on the family, particularly the little boy. As this boy would be about the age of my parents, it is interesting to see how their life might have been different. This show appeals to my cognitive curiosity.   Bonanza is a show I have seen before on re-runs played on cable TV. It is interesting to see the way that the show portrays women, like pregnant women whose waists are narrower than most women walking around today.

I like the family stories that are told and the moral stance that is taken. This show appeals to my sensory curiosity as I love the way the images of the Ponderosa ranch make me feel like I could be wild and free, too. The Twilight Zone  show presents a series of strange stories that often have very bizarre twists that depend on cognitive involvement to understand. At the same time, they’ re often kind of scary, like the gargoyles who tear at the plane wings, but only one guy can see them.

This show appeals to my sensory curiosity as it engages my emotions, but it also appeals to my cognitive curiosity as it makes me work to understand the meaning of the show and nags at my thoughts for hours, sometimes days, after I’ ve seen an episode.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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