Art and Human Values – Assignment Example

The paper "Art and Human Values" is an outstanding example of an assignment on visual arts and film studies.
Mathew Causey explores how the transgenic and interactive work by Eduardo Kac, functions in the tradition of contemporary art. In addition, he investigates the pertinent ethical and philosophical issues that Kac’s art raises. Key among the issues includes elimination of the boundaries between life and art, ethics of robotics, aesthetic-engineering, embodied and virtual spectatorship and the accountabilities of the artist regarding the art of monsters and machines. Causey presents that Kac’s works show relatedness to practices of both installation and conceptual art of the twentieth century (76). He points that promotion of process and idea in installation and conceptual art occur over object and representation through a dematerialization. Causey; however, illustrates that Kac’s transgenic work significantly show difference because of the mechanical and biological certainty of objecthood representing extreme re-materialization of the art object.
Sherry Mayo illustrates generation of the new artist due to technological advances. For instance, Mayo points out that the presence of advanced programs such as Adobe Photoshop makes it possible to manipulate the image. She contrasts early film, which imitated theatrical conventions that relied on symbolism and representation to produce the story (92). Digital imaging in contemporary art essentially makes an aesthetic shift to a new model artist. Mayo asserts that contemporary spectator requires high-resolution, real-time and simulated reality. Interactivity in Digital displays allows the viewer to make decisions that concern remodeling of his or her virtual reality.
Reflecting on transgenic work, I hold the view that technology in science revolutionizes art. With regard to visual imagery particularly, I believe that technological advances especially digital technology gives artists the power to control image production, as well as expression in different dimensions.