Technical Writing: How Graphics Should Be Used in Technical Documents – Assignment Example

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The paper "Technical Writing: How Graphics Should Be Used in Technical Documents" is an excellent example of a technology assignment. Graphics should be used in technical documents to convey information quickly and concisely that cannot be communicated as well in other ways. Examples of effective graphics are charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, drawings, and maps. Graphics help to demonstrate logical relationships, communicate spatial information, illustrate steps in a process, save space and can reduce the cost of report production. When used, graphics should tell a simple story, reinforce the written text and be labelled and placed clearly and properly.

They should be used when they serve an actual purpose and when they can clarify information that is otherwise complicated and unmanageable in written format. When graphics are used, they should be simple and straightforward, contribute to understanding and/or organization of the final document and serve to bring attention to important elements of the document. Descriptions in technical writing are focused on actually describing the physical properties and processes of a given thing. Examples of when descriptions might be used include when supervisors are writing up the specifics of an accident report and an understanding of the scene is necessary or when a new product is being introduced and its appearance and differences from other products need to be understood.

An example of how I’ ve used a description at work includes when I was requested to write a driver training manual for a van transportation company. In this context, the manual was intended to teach new drivers about the specific properties of the vans they would be expected to drive. My descriptions included providing specific details about each of the three different types of vans that were owned by the company so that the driver would be able to recognize which one they were dealing with and then a description of the specific blind spots involved in driving each of these types of vans.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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