Authoritarian Parenting Style – Assignment Example

The paper "Authoritarian Parenting Style" is a great example of a psychology assignment.
The result of the test revealed that I have an authoritative parenting style. I believe that this style is appropriate for raising a child for many reasons. First, children would also become adults and they must realize that there are consequences for any choice that they make. Second, society has its own rules and norms which people should follow. Therefore, through my parenting style, I am already creating rules so the children would learn how to abide with rules when they grow up. This is not to be misinterpreted as completely submissive or obedient since I can allow them to negotiate for certain things which they believe would make them good.
I disagree with authoritarian parenting style since this a child’s mental and social development. Children must be able to express themselves openly so that they can learn to manipulate the environment. They must not be afraid to explore the world and discover enormous possibilities with what they can do as long as they are monitored by adults. Being very authoritative would make children resent the rules and the authority imposing them. Also, their creativity would be stifled since all they have to do is comply with whatever is being asked from them. Critical thinking skills do not develop in very oppressive environments. Following rules is not blind submission but respect for possible consequences that can happen. Thus, being an authoritative parent creates fear instead of respect.
Parenting is not an easy task that is why there is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Other institutions such as schools, church, extended families ( grandparents) exist to supplement but not supersede parental authority. Also, I believe that a two-parent household is effective in rearing good children; however, both parents must be participative since “absentee” father or mother is not healthy for a family. In conclusion, parenting is a shared responsibility and parenting styles have a great impact on the development of children.