Table Legs Design – Assignment Example

The paper "Table Legs Design" is a great example of an assignment on design and technology.
The common design element for a table that will be able to hold at least 400kg of load should have four independent legs. The legs of such a table may be made from durable wooden materials to allow modification and stability. The table may be in the form of a desk and should be between 45 to 75 cm height. Such a height allows users to seat beside with their chairs and relax (Designing Furniture, p.154). Below is a table design that allows modification of legs and can hold over 400kgs.
The top surface may take different shapes depending on the user’s preferences. Some of the most common shapes for the top surface include; rectangular, semi-circular, or round tables. However, semi-circular and rectangular tables may be preferable especially in the modern offices. There are various methods of designing a table, depending on the purpose of which the table is to be utilized. Some of the common types of tables include; a dining table, coffee table, bedside table, and desk table. The dining table is designed in a manner that will allow a person seated on a sofa set to eat meals comfortably. The dining table aims at holding plates, cups, and meals in place. On the other hand, coffee tables are designed for the purpose of serving drinks and other refreshment products. Usually, coffee table may be put in the living room where visitors can sit and refresh themselves using their desired drinks. The dining table is usually a small table p[laced on the bedside to hold a lamp and a clock. Finally, there is a desk that is commonly used in the offices to carry heavy equipment such as desktops, printers, laptops to mention just but a few. An office desk should be designed using durable wood; it should also be attractive (Designing furniture, p.154).