Summer of Hate 1968 – Assignment Example

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The paper "Summer of Hate 1968" is a worthy example of an assignment on history. There were several riots that happened during this period. There was also the birth of the “ Chicago Eight” during these riots that formed the main protestors in the riot. This group was the first group of people to be tried under the Anti – Riot Act. It was within a few days that the Americans and the South Vietnamese had indeed reclaimed the ruling of Ho Chin Minh and bombing that had been aimed at solving the communist resolves was now a backfire.

It was then that the leaders like Martin Luther King and Kennedy went out to help resolve these issues (Frank Kusch, 2004). The two leaders have lost their lives and the only connection among the two deaths and the police clashing out the Democratic Convention Chicago was the communist issues. The protestors wanted a president who was against the war. Some of the people wanted the country to participate in the war while other wanted to opt out of this to a great extent.

The entire scene had a huge impact on the politics of the country. This led President Lyndon Johnson to not participate in the second term. Also, the field was open as the Democratic Convention was on at Chicago. The political scene took a whole new turn where the public was now focused on two main Democratic Candidates, i.e. Vice President Humphrey and Senator McCarthy. The vise president obviously, however, had an upper hand in the case and he won the party’ s nomination for the president post, He, however, lost the race to the Republican candidate Richard Nixon and Nixon went on to end America’ s involvement with the Vietnam War (Solomon, 2009).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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