Networking Processes In Desired Career Path In Criminal Justice – Assignment Example

The paper "Networking Processes In Desired Career Path In Criminal Justice" is an outstanding example of a law assignment.
In the modern 21st century, networking has become a crucial point in finding a job in criminal justice. One of the key strategies is to harness one’s experience through social networking websites. With the advent of the internet, websites such as Linked In,, have become amazing tools that have facilitated the quest for an individual to build a network. It allows an individual to connect with HR recruiter, post their resume, discuss their experience and allows them to find opportunities in which they can implement themselves. The second key element that can build a solid foundation for developing a network for job searching is networking through alumni. Networking with alumni allows individuals that are seeking a job to gain leverage and expand their horizons of networking as they can lean on their fellow colleagues for help. Moreover, college alumni possess the experience and skill to facilitate individuals. The last element towards solidifying and penetrating a network is utilizing recruitment or temporary staffing agencies. Although many individuals are reluctant to be assisted by these agencies, recruitment agencies have direct channels with companies who are seeking professionals from the criminal justice system. In addition, they have an amazing understanding of how the function of the criminal justice systems. Conducive research indicates that individuals who are seeking a job at this profession should have a reference for a government official such as a policeman that can be a strong focal point in their resume. With these factors combined, an individual automatically enhances their chances of getting employment.