Study Plan for Academic Success – Assignment Example

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The paper "Study Plan for Academic Success" is a good example of an assignment on education. I have had the opportunity to review my ideal and real schedules and realize that most of the time I managed to stick to my ideal schedule. In view of both study plans, I have realized that while it may be easy to stick to the one-week timetable, sticking to the ideal schedule and study plan for a whole semester may not be easy. To maintain a regular schedule in the future, I outlined some feasible solutions in the event of unforeseeable events. With respect to my ideal and real schedules, I noticed that I need to do some adjustment for the whole semester.

Firstly, I need to decide the best time of the day to study. This semester I will be having classes on Mondays and Wednesdays only, specifically in the evening. Having no constraints about associated with full-day learning, I can choose to study late at night, early in the morning, or during the day. From my past experience, I will prefer to study at night mostly.

I find this time ideal I tend to concentrate more at this time. Even though I think studying late at night may be the best time of day for me to study, I still want to try experimenting for a week or two with my real schedule. On one day, I noticed that I stopped reading half an hour earlier than I had planned. I was feeling sleepy on that day. Perhaps I may end up feeling tired and sleepy some days in the future like I did on that day.

Or I may need a good night’ s sleep to prepare for an exam. Within the two week period that I intend to set aside to evaluate my schedules, I will have to decide what changes to make so that I come up with a more realistic plan. For example, I may opt to change the time I start studying every night and the time I finish studying and retire to bed so that I overcome the possibility of my schedule getting interrupted by sleep.

It is common knowledge that life is never perfect. Sometimes I may have to cancel the planned study session in order to deal with an unforeseeable circumstance such as sickness, family events, or extreme exhaustion due to work. In view of this fact, I may have to wake up early in the morning to compensate for the lost time. Also, I may find that some assignments or readings simply take longer than I expected. I will make use of the spare time to finish assignments that I have not done.

For example, I will take time to read during the day when I am off work to reduce my workload at night. It is easy to get bored with a rigid study plan. I will try to mix my plan a little and incorporate periods in which I will have the freedom to choose what to read. Also, I will work on one topic of a subject on one day and a different topic on the next day so that I do not get bored but stay focused on my studies.

In case I have to study in preparation for an important midterm exam, I will adjust my study plan two weeks prior to the test so that I have time to review previous tests on the subject and related notes. I would not wish to have a rough time during any test. This being the case I will use my study time to read one chapter ahead of what I have been taught in class so that I get to understand every topic well at the time it is being taught by the lecturer.

Finally, I appreciate that sticking to the ideal study plan is very important to my success. I will track my progress every weekend and evaluate the level to which I have abided by the ideal schedule. This will be a good way to make determine what I have achieved and what I need to do better. Sometimes, I may need to go out during the weekend so as to refresh my mind. In this case, I will check my schedule and assignments a day early, ensuring that I finish the assignments in advance.

I will set my alarm clock two hours earlier than usual so that I have adequate time to complete work for the day and for the morrow. Also, I will put a question mark where I do not understand the concept in a book during my study time or when I need more time to think about it. When I come back, I can focus on the question or issue, solving it soonest possible.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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