Use of Discarded IVF Embryos for Stem Cell Research – Assignment Example

The paper "Use of Discarded IVF Embryos for Stem Cell Research " is a worthy example of an assignment on biology. For this paper, I will argue that it is ethical to let stem cell researchers use discarded in vitro fertilization treatment embryos. My proposed audience is non-professionals who are generally in favor of stem cell research but might question the use of discarded IVF embryos. There are several sources I will use to provide background and supporting evidence for this essay. The best is “Potentiality and Human Embryos” from Lizza. He discusses the moral status of an embryo from a biological perspective, trying to find a balance in the debate. It’s easy to find sources for opposing views, most from non-scientific sources, but I would like to explore further to find opposing views that are based in science rather than argument. The McLeod and Baylis essay, “Donating Fresh Versus Frozen Embryos To Stem Cell Research: In Whose Interests?” argues that it’s a social injustice to the woman to donate fresh embryos to stem cell research. Biologists and doctors take advantage of women when they ask them to donate. The book Human Embryo Experimentation contains many essays both for and against using embryos for stem cell research. These will be helpful to provide supporting evidence when I’m discussing the background issues. An example that supports my thesis is Lizza’s discussion of certain kinds of birth control that prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg. There are some people who think these kinds of birth control are immoral, but not nearly as many as disagree with using extra embryos from IVF treatments for stem cell research. It’s an interesting point.