New Deal by Obama – Assignment Example

The paper "New Deal by Obama " is a wonderful example of a politics assignment. In the historic speech made at Cairo, President Obama has laid out a blueprint of the American foreign policy towards key issues involving the Muslim community. While talking tough on terrorism and fundamentalism, he holds out an olive branch to the Muslim community, in general, to partake in global progress. Obama underlines the role of Islam in our civilization tactically, a statement which can indeed go long way to win over alienated Muslims. Obama, thus, in the process, successfully performs a balancing act. His offer of the ‘New Deal’ for the Muslim world is guided by a sentiment of socio-political, cultural and economic realism. Obama displays a great sense of alacrity, political wisdom, and intuitive knowledge while deliberating on burning issues concerning the Middle-east, West Asia, and South Asia. He sends a positive message by admitting the role of the US in toppling a democratically elected government in Iran in 1953. Terming the Iraq issue as a ‘war of choice’ is a literal indictment of the Bush Administration’s Middle-east adventure. However, the balancing act of Obama, at times, falters, for example, Israelis may not like his drawing of parallels between the Holocaust and the plight of dislocated Palestinians. The attempt to draw an analogy between the American democracy and Islam may seem too far-fetched to some. Obama’s speech leaves a lot be answered on the issue of deaths and injuries suffered by the US troops and civilians in the Iraq and Afghan wars. Besides, was the idea to see Iraqis ‘better off without the tyranny Saddam Hussein’ worth the trouble? On the whole, President Obama seems to have made a successful beginning in ushering a new era in the US-Islamic world ties, but a lot would depend upon how diligently he translates his words into action.