To Help Children Be Successful in School – Assignment Example

The paper "To Help Children Be Successful in School" is a wonderful example of an assignment on psychology. The most important information for each of these children is the intensity and frequency of the behaviors that act as barriers to learning. An important set of data that needs to be considered is the antecedent to these behaviors. For Kenichi, the antecedent appears to be his moving here from his native country. He appears depressed all the time in many different situations. For Andy, we need to discover if there is an antecedent that promotes the physical activity. Does the jingling of coins get worse during studies that are difficult for Andy? How does the teacher react to the behavior? Does this reaction encourage or discourage continuation of the behavior? These questions need to be asked and answered about Shelly as well. In the educational community as well as the community at large, there are several services available to help these children to improve their behavior so they can be successful in school. The first resource, of course, is parents. Teaming closely with the parents can allow teachers to develop an appropriate behavior modification plan. Consistent expectations and consequences at home and school help students to understand the importance of their behavior. Perhaps in Andy’s case, some sort of medical attention is necessary. Controlling his behavior and emotional outbursts may need to be facilitated by medication. Also available in the community is professional counseling services. Kenichi and Shelly may benefit from these services to help them work through their depression and emotional outbursts. In my classroom, I would help Andy cope with the need for constant movement by giving him something quiet to manipulate, such as a stress ball. This will give him an outlet without distracting other students. I would take every opportunity to speak one-on-one with Shelly and Kenichi. I would seek out a student partner for Kenichi that I felt might develop into friendship so he was not so lonely.