Soldier Stories about the Vietnam War – Assignment Example

The paper "Soldier Stories about the Vietnam War" is a wonderful example of a history assignment. There are various stories of the soldiers at the Vietnam War. These stories only seem to highlight the pain and difficulty that the soldiers are faced with. The stories highlight how committed, and how each day at the war was on which needed them to give in their best. The Vietnam War had numerous confusions and chaos that the soldiers were put through. A story of one of the soldiers shows how much he went through trying to save his fellow soldiers but the best that they could do was to bring back the dead bodies. He also speaks of the pain and anguish that is present in the eyes of the dead and the pleas for help that is evident in their looks. Soldiers went through a lot of difficulties and each night was one where they could not sleep for the fact of the things they saw during the days. The Vietnam War was a complete chaos and confusion and left a number of soldiers dead (McDonald, 2008). The War was different from the World War II, as this was recognized to be a ‘Bad War’ when compared to World War which was in America’s view a ‘Good War’ (Roark,, 2008). The war was recognized to be the biggest mistake and the war has been known to be one of the most disgraceful periods of American History. The war leads to numerous fatalities on the side of the soldiers and this was a big loss for the country as the War was one which was completely uncalled for and unnecessary.