Youth Vote – Assignment Example

The paper "Youth Vote" is a delightful example of an assignment on sociology. The youth came and voted for the 2008 Presidential Elections. This was because they were told by the media that their vote would count and that they would have to stand up for their own selves and take decisions on their own. The youth understood that the 2008 Presidential Elections would bring in the much-needed change, a stance adopted by the current American President, Barack Obama (Soule 2009). Since he is an African American, the nation understood that having him as the President would bring in the much-needed change within the world regimes. The pertinent issues like the frail economy, terrorism, war on terror, taxes, and others would be solved amicably by the man who deserves the most within the American hierarchy. The youth knew that if they did not vote this time, they might just repent on their decision. Hence they came out in big numbers and showed their true spirit. The results were suggestive of the fact that they actually understood the responsibility that rested heavily on their shoulders. Another change was their all-out support for the system if not just one candidate (Rawlinson 2009). There were election movements and groups instituted through the lengths and breadths of the country which was a very positive sign indeed. It showed how the youth could muster its confidence and thus go and make a serious difference in their lives. It is clear that in the 2008 Presidential Elections not only did Barack Obama win but the entire nation had something to cheer about. The youth is also worthy of this success (Author Unknown 2009).