The United States and the United Arab Emirates: A Contrast of Military Power – Assignment Example

The paper "The United s and the United Arab Emirates: A Contrast of Military Power " is a wonderful example of an assignment on politics. Aside from tradition and natural resources, every nation has socio-cultural, political and economic interests that it seeks to protect in order to flourish. In so doing, it necessitates the fact of harmonic relationship with other countries. The United States (U.S.) and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) recognize these strategic imperatives. The U.S. is a huge nation in terms of area, population and even military strength. The U.A.E. although a moderate Arab state is not far behind its attempts to develop a likely powerful military force. These two countries through these past years have developed close military cooperation and have mutually established coordinated efforts beneficial to each other. The synergy between the U.S. and the U.A.E. has been lauded as the strongest military cooperation amongst the nations of today. Similar in areas of military concerns, both spend money on training and development of their military forces and weapon advancements. They differ, however, in the fact that, in U.A.E., there are no women in its enlistments and its military leaders are not political appointees nor are they military professionals, but rather are appointed by birthright. The appointment by birthright of command level posts in U.A.E. recognizes a rationale inherently cultural and traditional in perspective, the preservation and the maintenance of the Sheikhs and the Royal family, a culture absent in Western world. Even with such disparity, the socio-cultural variation has not marked a difference in the relation of the two countries to synergize bilateral ties and make them international powers in the pursuit of strategic objectives.