Neurobiology of Aggression – Assignment Example

The paper "Neurobiology of Aggression" is a wonderful example of an assignment on sociology. Since a few decades, a rapid advancement has been observed in research related to media and its effects on different perspectives of human lives. Specifically, youth and adolescent group is the most affected group from media influence according to a number of studies. This paper will endeavor to analyze the negative role of media, movies, and video games that results in causing violence. Media is not an issue if it is viewed for a limited time; however, when an activity or a hobby becomes addictive, it results in the creation of a concern towards it. A number of studies have been carried out to evaluate such role of media. For instance, the Indiana University School of Medicine has carried out a research study to understand the role of violent television programs in the creation of aggression and violence in the youth. During this study, the brains of kids that watched violent television programs and non-violent programs were scanned by the experts at the laboratory. (Mattson, pp. 88-89) An increment was observed in the emotional arousal of teens that watched violent programs with the help of brain scans. Moreover, brain areas that are used for the self-control and self-consciousness showed a reduction in their activity, which showed that teens became more aggressive while watching violent programs. A number of studies have indicated similar results; however, most of the studies have observed that parents play a significant role in causing or avoiding violence in children. In the American society, free speech and expression are some of the imperative components in the society; however, parents have the responsibility to monitor activities of their children, as their proper care and nurturing can play a vital role in the effective development of members of the society. (Carrington, pp. 40-42) Conclusively, media, television, or video games do not cause violence; however, extreme utilization of any media may result in addiction and violence, and thus, parents and teachers should play an effective role in avoiding such consequences. Lastly, it is hoped that the paper will be beneficial for students, teachers, and professionals in a better understanding of the topic.