Sociology Assignments Examples and Paper Samples

Family and Poverty

The paper "Family and Poverty" is a wonderful example of an assignment on sociology. Discuss the reasons behind the high poverty rate among single-mother families in America. According to the US Bureau of Census 2010, poverty in households headed by women compared to that headed by men was 31.1% and 15.8% consecutively.…
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The Changing Work Roles and the Family of the US

The paper "The Changing Work Roles and the Family of the US" is a wonderful example of an assignment on sociology. The work roles and the family structure within the United s have changed drastically. This has happened because there have been economic problems for the families and the people in particular. …
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Neurobiology of Aggression

The paper "Neurobiology of Aggression" is a wonderful example of an assignment on sociology. Since few decades, a rapid advancement has been observed in research related to media and its effects on different perspectives of human lives. Specifically, youth and adolescent group is the most affected group from media influence according to a number of studies.…
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How Will the Changes Promised in the Recent Election Affect Future

The paper "How Will the Changes Promised in the Recent Election Affect Future" is a perfect example of an assignment on sociology. The world needs a change in the current scenario and the recent elections have changed the fate of people all over the globe. The most interesting changes to look forward to including those promised in the foreign policy of the United States.…
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Hats Off to Achievement

The paper "Hats Off to Achievement " is a good example of an assignment on English. People who work hard get lucky! I am ecstatic about the fact that you have received the Employee of the Year Award. You have certainly worked the hardest and the results are in front of everyone to see. Your undying desire to succeed and above all your creativeness are arguably the two most prices assets that you have.…
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The Sociology Of The Body

The paper "The Sociology Of The Body" is a great example of an assignment on sociology. "Social technology" is a term our text uses to describe the ways in which individuals attempt to alter their bodies. What such "technologies" have you personally employed for yourself? What outcomes did you experience?…
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Doing Gender

The paper "Doing Gender" is a worthy example of a sociology assignment. People living in society are inevitably influenced by its norms and gender stereotypes. Sometimes these norms are extremely strictly defined, and hence men and women stick to their gender roles and cannot be free in switching from “traditionally female” occupations to the “traditionally male” ones and vice versa.…
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Youth Vote

The paper "Youth Vote" is a delightful example of an assignment on sociology. The youth came and voted for the 2008 Presidential Elections. This was because they were told by the media that their vote would count and that they would have to stand up for their own selves and take decisions on their own.…
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The Working Parents

The paper "The Working Parents " is a wonderful example of an assignment on sociology. A working parent has to juggle their job and home life. In today’s economy, parents do not always have a choice about working. Holding down a job is a necessity for a majority of households. Working parents must figure out issues like childcare, child pickup from school, and illness.…
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Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft

The paper "Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft" is a good example of an assignment on sociology. This is a look at society. The look is from the discipline of sociology. The discipline seeks to uncover the social and individual structures. There are many approaches. In this paper, we will mention two approaches. It must be remembered that it is two sides of the same coin.…
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English as the National Language

The paper "English as the National Language" is an outstanding example of an assignment on sociology. For a long time, America, though the majority of its citizens speak English, has not had a national language. Attempts have been made to make English the national language but they have not succeeded with some people advocating for Spanish which has a 12% of the population using it.…
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Reducing the Racial Achievement

The paper "Reducing the Racial Achievement" is an outstanding example of an assignment on sociology. Self-integrity and the urge to be valued as a social group has always been one of the primary motivation behind virtuousness and efficacy. On the other hand, any negative portrayal of a social group has always proved detrimental to the entire community.…
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Is Prostitution a Victimless Crime

The paper "Is Prostitution a Victimless Crime?" is a great example of an assignment on sociology. I do not think it is a victimless crime because, in prostitution, a woman is selling off her dignity for a very low price. The discussion of price brings about quite a few pointers here in entirety.…
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Theory Of Deviance

The paper "Theory Of Deviance" is a good example of an assignment on sociology. Labeling theory of deviance is also known as social reaction theory. A sociologist, Howard Beaker developed it. The theory was introduced in1963. According to labeling theory, the deviance is a label that is assigned to the individual’s behavior by the society.…
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Social Process Theories

The paper "Social Process Theories" is a perfect example of a sociology assignment. According to social process theory of sociology, all criminal behavior is a function of a deep-rooted socialization process that we imbibe through our upbringing. This includes the socio-psychological connections of the offender with various institutions and social organizations he or she comes in contact with.…
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Virtue Honesty

The paper "Virtue Honesty " is a great example of a sociology assignment. The story is a very good example of virtue honesty. The boy never got any item on the table that he did not ask for. The story is compelling since adults learn from the boy that poverty is not an excuse to steal things.…
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Arts and Social Behavior

The paper "Arts and Social Behavior" is a wonderful example of a sociology assignment. As an example of this work, I choose to analyze the social behavior of a British rock band Queen. This group of musicians has an extensive history of collaborative work. Some claim that they are one of the most successful bands in the history of music. Well, from the first sight Queen is famous and professional rock-band.…
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Gay Rights Movement

The paper "Gay Rights Movement" is an excellent example of an assignment on sociology. The purpose of this paper is to provide a critical discussion on the role of identity in the gay rights movement. The format that this paper will utilize is to first identify what difficulties are inherent in mobilizing on the basis of the identity under study. …
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Social Work, Social Welfare, and American Society

The paper "Social Work, Social Welfare, and American Society" is a great example of a sociology assignment. Life for many children in the USA is far more difficult than it should be. What facts do the authors provide that support that statement? The setup children welfare associations, stemming from the 1970s have been made because people would want to protect the children from neglect and abuse.…
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Genocide and Conflict Theory

The paper "Genocide and Conflict Theory" is a wonderful example of a sociology assignment. Civil wars around the world are usually not similar. Conventionally, the characteristic of wars confers to the society from which they emerge (Sambanis, 1). This document investigates and illustrates several genocide and conflict theories.…
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Theories and Practices of Domestic Terrorism

The paper "Theories and Practices of Domestic Terrorism" is a delightful example of an assignment on sociology. The domestic break-away group is one of the eleven characteristics that Kaplan assigns to the Fifth Wave groups in his Four-wave theory. He states that the group usually starts with geography and culture, especially in cases where a militia is assigned the duty of protecting their tribal members.…
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The Symbol of the Praying Hands

The paper "The Symbol of the Praying Hands " is a wonderful example of a sociology assignment. The symbol of the praying hands is a symbol understood by everyone no matter what religion or social group they belong to. It is a very common action that mainly symbolizes submission to God; it is a universal gesture for prayer.…
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No Energy Vampires Allowed

The paper "No Energy Vampires Allowed" is a wonderful example of an assignment on sociology. This article was brief yet right on target. Instantaneously it caused one to become revitalized with life. Obviously, the author has taken great pains in achieving his desired objective which I believe was to motivate individuals to accomplish their goals in spite of the naysayers.…
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The Importance of College Education

The paper "The Importance of College Education " is a wonderful example of a sociology assignment.  A college education goes beyond the learning that occurs from listening to the different professors that teach s. In college a gets the unique opportunity to meet hundreds of individuals that have similar career aspirations.…
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How to Talk to Daughter about Her Body

The paper "How to Talk to Daughter about Her Body" is a wonderful example of a sociology assignment. Mass media has played a major role in shaping the self-esteem of women today. It encourages women by featuring successful women in various career fields and leadership positions who act as role models to other women.…
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Gun Violence

The paper "Gun Violence " is a wonderful example of an assignment on sociology. Gun violence is a form of deviance because it goes against the norms of a society. One of the solutions for it is to treat gun violence as a serious crime and imprison the perpetrators in order to seclude the deviants from the public.…
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Prevention of Violence in American Society

The paper "Prevention of Violence in American Society" is an excellent example of an assignment on sociology. The society in the current and disposition is receptive of violence, terror and brutality and bloodshed. The amount of brutal force and sheer power is petrifying to the ordinary mind of an ordinary observer of the movie.…
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Reasons for Cheating in Schools

The paper "Reasons for Cheating in Schools" is a wonderful example of a sociology assignment. Cheating In high school cheating can be witnessed in several forms including copying of another student's answers in the exam paper or copying some other students assignments as presenting their own.…
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Getting started on your essay

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  • Main part. It should contain 2-3 paragraphs that describe the essence of the essay and uncover the topic.
  • Sociology Assignments conclusion. This part should include 2-4 sentences summarizing what was written.

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