Socialization and Culture in the Workplace – Assignment Example

The paper "Socialization and Culture in the Workplace" is a worthy example of a business assignment. Socialization is described as: "The process by which people learn the skills, knowledge, norms, and values of their society and by which they develop their social identity". In this Work ethics actually, define the culture of any business. By following them an individual will become a part of the organization if they follow the "rules." In this case attendance, character and teamwork are important to a successful experience for the employee. In a business environment, these characteristics will be important. Appearance, attitude, and productivity are equally important because it shows that the employee is ready and able to take on the responsibilities of the job. Communication is important because without it workers would not be able to understand the requests of the managers; they would also have challenges talking in a team. Today as in the past most employers want to know that they have employees who are honest, self-reliable and trustworthy. This does not happen for every employee but when it does, they fit into the business culture easier. These are also considered values for the workplace because an employee that has these characteristics can maintain their employment. Loyalty is one of the most important values for a company because they expect that when they pay a salary, the workers will at least like the business enough to tell other people about how good they are doing. Honesty is another value because employers want to know that an employee will not steal from them. A business also wants their employees to be dependable and responsible so they know that they will do the best job even when they are not being supervised.