Social and Political Art of the 1970s and Beyond – Assignment Example

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The paper "Social and Political Art of the 1970s and Beyond" is a good example of an assignment on history. Berthe Morisot’ s gender, social status, personal relationships had a huge influence on her as an artist, from the choice of the subject matter to the painting techniques adopted. Almost all of the Berthe’ s paintings had the women from her family as their themes. Though her husband supported her well in her profession, she hardly used him as her model. She was one of the foremost Impressionists and had special brush strokes unique to her paintings.

In this case, she had painted her sister, who was pregnant and seated near a window, but not looking out of the window. It is typical of her themes, where domestic, feminine character is celebrated in her own style and not in the men’ s point of view. The women in her paintings were captured in their casual domestic bliss, in the world of their own as seen through the eyes of a woman. According to Morisot, “ It is important to express oneself. .. provided the feelings are real and are taken from your own experience” .

There is not much importance given to movement or outside world in her painting, which says that they exclude the scope for the male gaze, and are truly feminist. She created a style of her own, themes of her choice, endeavoring to create a room of her own as Virginia Woolf says. “ Church Picnic 1988 Acrylic on canvas, fabric border 74 x 69 " The High Museum of Art, Atlanta. This is a painting by Faith Ringgold and depicts a picnic scene on canvas.

All her paintings narrate a story so as this. There are many families seen seated on the grass, under the trees in the park, where the Freedom Baptist Church has its picnic. Children dance and play. Only a few move while the rest are static in one place. They are seated in families and in groups dressed up in a mixture of formal and casual wear. Most of them have their hats on. The artist conveys the message about social manners, and solemn appearances required at the church gatherings.

However, there is gaiety to a slight extent showing that it is a picnic and not the Church service. The borders and colors are attractive; also, the minor detail captured on every individual is interesting and I like the painting for these reasons.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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