The Arab Ideology – Assignment Example

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The paper "The Arab Ideology " is a worthy example of an assignment on religion and theology. The Arab ideology emanated from a wide array of factors ranging from colonial rule, the formation of new nation s, and the urge to find identities from the numerous races and tribes. Islam also plays a huge role in the creation of Arab ideology. With the intrusion of the Europeans, the Arab rule intensified. In the nineteenth century, the Arab states were to witness improvements in terms of its social, political and economic systems.

Power was centralized and mass involvement in politics was witnessed. The cultural change also shaped the Arab ideology that created new identity patterns and loyalty. However, Islam was linked to politics during the time, with Arab nationalists commencing their speeches with the name of Allah.   Socio-political and Religious factors had a place in the Islamic world. European supremacy led to the Arabs holding the opinion that they lack patriotism and that they had a lot to borrow from the West. The backwardness of the Arab was linked to this lack of patriotism to their states; thus, dominance by the Europeans.

This, nonetheless, was backed by writers who also held the opinion that the Arab world was simply under the European rule. It is this verify that fronted the rise of Arab nationalism, and writers such as Qasimi, and Al-Jazairi who advocated for reforms in the Arab world (The Cuban Missile Crisis 9). This led to the mass movement of Arab nationalism. The major agenda of the group was to decentralize power and improve the culture and political nature of the Arab nationals.

The league of Arab nations was then to be formed by ZakiArsouzi in an attempt to emphasize that the Arab nationals were inseparable. All these factors explain the quick ascent of the Arab Nationalism.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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