Analysis Political Situations in Media – Assignment Example

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The paper "Analysis Political Situations in Media" is a good example of an assignment on media. Question 8.1.1 MSNBC. Trump duped or worse in fundraiser speech to a fake veterans group. 2015. Available at: http: //www. msnbc. com/rachel-maddow/watch/trump-duped-or-worse-by-fake-vet-groupevent-526998595556. Accessed October 31, 2015. Rachel Maddow, MSNBC host, in September was of the view that U. S presidential candidate was either running some undisclosed scheme or was being taken for a ride in the race to Whitehouse. Rachel’ s presentation was associated with some form of biasness and lacked rationalism as she did not back up her claims with facts.

If was to give a presentation, I would not have used Rachel’ s style. Instead, I would have examined other people’ s viewpoints regarding the topic thus ensuring that my presentation integrates an accessible an inclusive style and format rather than an ethnocentric one. Question 8.1.2 Alba M. Clinton event interrupted by 'Black Lives Matter' supporters. MSNBC. 2015. Available at: http: //www. msnbc. com/msnbc/clinton-event-interrupted-black-lives-mattersupporters. Accessed October 31, 2015. Recently, Monica Alba, MSNBC reporter, ran a story regarding the heckling of Hillary Clinton during a campaign rally in Atlanta by a group of protesters associated with Black Lives Matter, civil rights movement.

Monica’ s story is neutral and does not convey her opinion as she is reporting what happened and is backed up by credible sources such as videos and photos. Question 8.1.3 Typically, an informative presentation is purposely developed and directed to enlighten or educate the audience about a given topic. Conversely, a persuasive presentation is aimed at convincing or persuading the audience into adopting a particular viewpoint or belief of the speaker. For instance, an informative presentation is whereby a teacher or an expert in health educates the public about Malaria and the preventative measures that can help to curb the disease.

On the other hand, running a campaign aimed at urging the community to stop female genital mutilation is an example of a persuasive presentation. Question 8.2.1 WTVC NewsChannel 9:: Missing Persons. WTVC NewsChannel 9:: Missing Persons. 2015.Available at: http: //www. accessed October 31, 2015. Ten N. Documentaries. TenPlay - Documentaries. 2015. Available at: http: //tenplay. com. au/channelten/documentaries. Accessed October 31, 2015. Both Channel 9 and Channel 10 offer documentaries programs aimed at informing their audiences about different topics, events, and scenarios that are happening or happened. Through the use of directed and acted films, the two documentary programs uncover the truth and the visual aids aim to make the audience understand clearly the occurrences.

Contrastingly, channel Ten’ s documentary is run while the visual aids are playing without showing the presenter while on Channel Nine, the presenter starts by explaining a concept followed by visual aids and cutting in between to explain. Question 8.3.1 CNN. Watch Brazil's eco-policy fight to save the Amazon - CNN Video. 2015. Available at: http: //edition. cnn. com/videos/world/2015/10/28/brazil-amazon-deforestation-raiddarlingtonpkg. cnn/video/playlists/trending-video/. Accessed October 31, 2015. In her story, Shasta Darlington, a CNN correspondent gives a presentation regarding the illegal mining and deforestation that is taking place in the Amazon forest.

In her presentation, Darlington starts with a thesis statement, which gives an overview of why the topic she is about to tackle is important. Further, she uses visual aids, in this case, live footage, thus leaving the audience informed and convinced fully; she uses facts and credible sources to justify her presentation. Further, she ends her presentation by giving a succinct conclusion.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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