What Observations and Inferences of Scientific Things Do You Make in Your Own World and Life – Assignment Example

The paper "What Observations and Inferences of Scientific Things Do You Make in Your Own World and Life is a worthy example of a science assignment.
On my way home from work the other day a rainstorm was starting. The rain had yet to fall and the dark clouds were beginning to form, I noticed when I was looking at them that the rain clouds were moving extremely quick, faster than regular clouds would on a sunny day. Is it safe to observe that rain clouds and normal clouds produce different speeds in their movement? Or that both kinds of clouds move at the same type of speed, but one is clearly more noticeable than the other?
Actually, I found this question of whether or not one type of cloud moves quicker than another interesting. Perhaps there is a reason or maybe it was just an illusion. I'm not sure of the exact answer, but I think that cloud movement could have to do with the clouds altitude and the wind pressure.
Dark clouds can give a clue to the weather but I think the colour of the clouds also has to do with scattering light.
I think you are right about the reason for darker clouds concerns light. I think that when it rains, the rain clouds are darker because they are filled with water and light cannot properly pass through them (which is what allows clouds to look so white).
I too think that the movement has to do with the wind/air that day. On a really windy day, you can see the clouds moving really fast, and on a less windy day, the clouds almost seem still. When a storm is coming, it is typically windy, and that's when we see clouds move the fastest. I am actually trying to think what other factors affect cloud movement.
I'm seeing that other factors that affect the cloud movement are its form: Cumulus, Cirrus, Nimbus, and Stratus, reason being was that each form has its own unique form and classification wherein shapes and weight varies from each other and affects its movements. Apart from this, I've come up with the pressure gradient, Coriolis effect, friction, centrifugal forces and even gravity which when you combine it will produce a complex system thus making the clouds to move.
2. What are your thoughts and/or observations about gravity or other forces?
When I was a kid, I get to see in television and even in some articles those successful astronauts who went into the moon and experienced less gravitational effect compare with the kind of gravity were experiencing here on earth. As I get older, I get to read some books wherein science explains the reason behind the gravitational effect on earth and on the moon. A person on the moon will most likely to float at least ¼ above the ground is because there is less gravity on the moon. The same story goes why there is a low tide and high tide effects is simply because due to the gravitational effect between earth and moon. Moon is considered to be a large magnet that affect some gravitational forces here on earth. Theres a possibility as well that why were not floating on earth is because gravitational forces in the earths core is much dense and higher compare to the moon thereby causing us not to float.
3. What examples of this can you find in your own experiences? Try to identify energy transformations and the forms of energy before and after.
Every time I read a science book. I get to encounter and wonder how and why water creates electricity. As I go through it, I noticed that in order to create electricity through the use of water is by use of Dam. Dam stores water until such time that water fills in the entire dome of the dam. Storage of the water into the dam causing potential energy. Once it is ready to overflow, water will pass through several channels into the dam creating kinetic energy then kinetic energy will produce electricity.
4. Notice physical structures, adaptations, or characteristics of living things that you observe around you. What functions might these structures have? What do they do?
There are times I get to see toads around our backyard, hopping from one place to another. From a far, I didnt get to notice the toad since it resembles a rock formation. I believe the reason why it resembles rock formation is because in order for them to adapt to its environment. If a toad will not adapt similarly to a rock, the chance for survival will be very low and its life is at risk. Frogs or toads are made to balance the ecosystem. Theyre the ones who feed on the small insects such as flies, roaches and etc.
5. Notice the structure of things that have been designed or made by humans. How is their structure related to the function or why are they made the way they are? What functions do that parts have?
When it comes to technology, one of the greatest innovation ever made by humans is the “computer mouse”. We all know that the main function of it is just to point. Relative to its function, the mouse is multi dimensional and consists of an object held under one of the users hands, sometimes it has one or more buttons. It also has a wheel that makes it movable. Nowadays, the mouse is categorized as optical and as ball mouse. Functions are still the same. With optical mouse we dont need to roll it to point an object in our computers, all we need to do is just to move it the way we want it and point the things we want to point. Pointing is actually the motion that the mouse is creating and it allows to produce fine control of graphical user interface. One way or the other, in order for the mouse to function properly. Its either to connect the end point of the mouse or use a laser electronic device to the connecting port at the side or back of our computers. Simple as it was made but it helps us to make our daily computer works as enjoyable as possible.