Route of Fame and Success of S. J. Perelman – Assignment Example

The paper "Route of Fame and Success of S. J. Perelman" is a worthy example of an assignment on visual arts and film studies. Success in terms of fame and fiscal incline cannot be attained simultaneously. One comes later than the other and individuals have to use their patience and perseverance to attain both. In the case of Hollywood, the outcome of efforts can vary. People in front lines and at prominent positions attain it a bit sooner than those, who are in supporting their roles and at the back. Thus, S. J. Perelman shares his route of fame and success in Hollywood with producer Michael Todd in the making of “Around the World in Eight Days” originally written by Jules Verne. Scriptwriting opportunity for the writer came out of nowhere, while he was captivated in the view of pearly feminine naked beauty just emerged from the bath. Todd was not the kind of person who would enjoy giving money in exchange for anyone’s efforts even to the scriptwriter in question. Hence, working with Todd taught him how to enjoy the tedious process of fame and more tediously, earning financial sustainability in the writing field. However, the adventures were a memory worth writing for; the shootings which took place outside Madrid sustained in London and then Paris. The writer recalls peculiarly how difficult and expensive it was to capture a crowded scene in Paris for the movie, which slipped so easily on paper. While intricate shootings took place in Gare du Nod, the author had firsthand experience in observing all of them. Later on, he is requested to accompany again to write a script for additional characters in the movie without the assurance of timely payment. Eventually, the scriptwriter is the last one to attain his rightful wages after 5 months later from the successful film display. This makes him the last person to enjoy his work’s success in Hollywood (79-91, Remnick and Finder).