Reducing the Racial Achievement – Assignment Example

The paper "Reducing the Racial Achievement" is an outstanding example of an assignment on sociology. Self-integrity and the urge to be valued as a social group has always been one of the primary motivation behind virtuousness and efficacy. On the other hand, any negative portrayal of a social group has always proved detrimental to the entire community. People are burdened through chronic stress when they sense any psychological threat to their existence and identity. The study was undertaken by Geoffrey Cohen et. Al. from the University of Colorado was performed on the hypothesis that people could be buffered against any perception of threat and stress through a suitable affirmation of their self-integrity. Aspects such as the perception of one’s self, values, the importance of skills and family and self-worthiness were taken into consideration when evaluating such a standpoint. The research evaluated these parameters through the active participation of middle school students. These selected students were studied through the constitution of control and experiment groups that were used as the basis to determine their most important value. Data relevant to this study was obtained by collecting the least significant value from members of the control group and the most significant value from members of the experimental group. Members of both the groups were asked to specify the reasons for their choice and their understanding on how it influenced others. The analysis of the collected results has suggested that an alleviation of psychological threat can help stimulate the intellectual drive towards an achievement. Members of the experimental group who engaged positively were found to perform much better than those in the control group. Such interventions were further found to have benefited the target group. From this study, researchers have concluded that even brief interventions help reduce any intractable traces of disparity in the real world. Such interventions have also been found to reduce any group based inequality in the long run.