I Am Afraid I Have Some Bad News – Assignment Example

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The paper "I Am Afraid I Have Some Bad News" is a good example of an assignment on creative writing. According to the topic, “ I am afraid I have some bad news, ” at some point in life things change. Therefore, people need to live their best, as tomorrow is unknown. The woman is seriously sick and needs to go to a chiropractor twice in a week for sixteen years. The sickness will affect her marriage, as the husband will start cheating on her. Later on, the doctor discloses some information that the wife did not know about the husband.

He has a medical condition and is admitted with serious pain in the abdomen that happened to be intestinal tubing. After some examinations, the doctor confirms that the husband is in a good condition but she needed to do was part with fourteen thousand dollars. At the end, the woman confirms that Douglas is not the husband. The topic of how to operate the shower curtain tries to explain how to operate it to provide the most convenience in showering.

The shower curtain should be well maintained and handled correctly. If the flow to the shower is interrupted, by either flushing of the toilet and the water becomes extremely hot or cold, then an individual should get out of the tub while using a sweeping motion to push the shower curtain aside. It is important to note that shower curtains should be kept inside the tub all the time. Finally, it is tricky to use the shower curtain, if guests do not prefer using it, then they should not and the management should accept the decisions of the decisions of the guests.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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