Gun Violence – Assignment Example

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The paper "Gun Violence " is a wonderful example of an assignment on sociology. Gun violence is a form of deviance because it goes against the norms of a society. One of the solutions for it is to treat gun violence as a serious crime and imprison the perpetrators in order to seclude the deviants from the public. Those who use gun violence should be imprisoned for a longer period than the law currently provides. This requires the enactment of a law with such provisions. About buying, selling and owning guns, it is necessary for the government to license the use of guns for only people who are authorized such as political leaders and security bodies.

The selling guns should be monopolized by the government so that guns are only sold to responsible and legitimate citizens who have the least chances of being deviant. When gun violence is involved in a crime, we should first investigate to know if the person is authorized to use a gun. We should also study the situation that led to the use of a gun; if the gun was used unnecessarily, then the person should be taken to court.

If the person was authorized to use the gun and was using it in self-defense, then we do not consider that person as a deviant. To help reduce gun violence at school, home and community, we should report any person who has a gun and he/she seems not to be licensed. We should also know each other in our neighborhoods so that we do not allow a strange person to live amongst us and conduct all the deviant things he/she wishes.

We should also conduct campaigns against gun violence and stay united against the vice.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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