Techniques to Assist the Client to Manage Their Anger – Assignment Example

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The paper "Techniques to Assist the Client to Manage Their Anger" is a worthy example of an assignment on psychology. One of the counseling practice considerations for clients with substance abuse involves the establishment of a quick therapeutic alliance, which entails a good working relationship between the client and counselor. This can be done by creating accurate empathy and providing credence and value to the substance user (Waller and Rumball, 2008). Another consideration is looking at a broader picture. Counselors should not only focus on substance use and forget the bigger picture of the individual’ s life.

A counselor needs to ensure that the welfare needs of the patients are met this includes food, clothing, and shelter (Ali and Willis, 2007). Maintaining clear progress and case notes is essential in monitoring the progress of the client (Ali Dale, and Willis, 2007). Another consideration is that the counseling approach adopted should entail precise evidence-based interventions such as; problem-solving, motivational interviewing, relapse prevention and goal setting (Ali Dale, and Willis, 2007). Suicidal Clients One of the counseling practice considerations when dealing with suicidal clients is to create a therapeutic alliance with the patient.

The therapeutic alliance enables the counselor to understand the suicidal behavior of the patient, which is an essential aspect of problem-solving (Samra et al, 2007). Another significant consideration is the development of an atmosphere of trust. The creation of an atmosphere of trust will facilitate the introduction of the issue of responsibility, which assists in exploring the client’ s ambivalence, a key aspect of a successful resolution of the suicidal motive (Gerald, 1989). The WHO recommends that a counselor should not express their philosophical, moral or religious perspective to the patient.

Such views may block communication and distance the client. A counselor should, therefore, be calm and supportive to the client (WHO, 2006). Suicidal patients should also be taken seriously. This can be done by carefully monitoring their speech, attitudes, values, and activities (Byrne and Byrne, 1992). Question 2 Clients with Substance Use The motivational interviewing approach proposed by Miller (2009), is one of the viable techniques that can be used for clients with substance abuse. The approach entails responding to the client’ s speech through an empathic person-centered approach. The counselor also puts emphasis on strengthening and evoking the patients expressed motivation for change.

The guiding principle of the approach is to have the client as opposed to the counselor's voice for the need for change (Miller, 2009). Relapse prevention (RP) strategy proposed by Marlatt and Gordon (1985), is another useful approach that can be used on clients with substance abuse. The approach entails the use of behavioral and cognitive strategies in order to limit or prevent relapse.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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