MediaSmarts – Assignment Example

The paper "MediaSmarts" is a brilliant example of a media assignment. Objectivity in news and information is difficult to attain, but necessary for the common good. The reason is that the current society is moving ahead at a rapid pace. The speed is so much that the world in every individual’s perspective is changing constantly and their view of it is all made up of their society and the people around them. Hence factors like profitability and pressure from society contribute majorly to the content of any news rather than facts. Moreover, journalists, as well as marketers, feel easy and profitable to fill up pages with contents from press conferences and interviews. So, the result is lack of objectivity in providing fact-based news and more profitability and commercialism. Hence, it can be concluded the above-mentioned statement. View of McManus that news must be biased is based on all the above statements since objectivity is not the principal motto of any journalists, the preference of what to give and what not entirely depends on the journalist’s individualistic decisions. Hence news must be biased for both societal and human values. The most important of all the commandments in the SPJ Code of Ethics is to seek the truth and report the same. Though minimizing harm to the concerned people or to be independent gather same amount of attention, this commandment actually implicates the power and potential of how a journalist can affect this world. In the context of press responsibilities and mass communication, any kind of news is always hard to be expressed if it has to be completely based on facts. Hence any news that is written targeting to be objective, leads to socials tensions and conspiracies that are unwanted of. So, institutional pressures and individual opinions do mix up with facts while reporting the news. Empiricism is defined to be the goal of journalists according to McManus because it helps the journalists and the editors to reach an agreeable stand to provide quality news based more on facts rather than individualistic assumptions. Give an example of a “pseudo-event”: Dr. Ted refers news that is staged and tightly controlled as “Pseudo-events”. An example is taking a picture and put it as a portrait which has no effect on reality. Yes. They are objective because they can be accounted for what they said and can be recalled to explain whatever they stated. But, the news sources replicated the news in their own way as they are not the original source of what exactly happened. The reason was that his presentation of news was more like of his personal opinion rather than the actual facts. His reporting and his physical actions during the US president inaugural function easily enabled him to be chosen for this title. On personal opinion, his theatrics during that function was more racial, inflicting personal points at people rather than converging more on the story. His presentation was more like as if he was creating the news rather than presenting what was happening. Firing a writer since he is reporting based on shows exactly the current trend that the marketers and journalists are treading upon. The news is no longer objective irrespective of the source that is providing it. It is impossible for any journalist in the current trend to involve his experience, opinion, and analysis into the article of news that he./she are writing. In such a case, objectivity takes the back seat.