Qualities Of Leaders – Assignment Example

The paper "Qualities Of Leaders" is a wonderful example of a management assignment.
A person to be said he or she is a great or bad leader there are qualities that each endorser. These qualities which describe both types of leaders are discussed below.
Qualities of a great leader
A leader whom I admirer can be described by adjectives such as he or she is accountable, humble, trustworthy, dedicated, approachable, ethical, credible, responsible, smart, communicative, a good listener and clear ( Sadler, 2004). A good leader to be able to communicate what he wants or what is in mind. It is too important for a leader to be able to express the problem to be solved clearly. In order for a leader to train new members and produce an environment which is conducive for working all will be based on healthy communication lines ( Marshall, 2003).
Another character of a leader is that he should be humble. He should treat his juniors with respect. Also, he should be accountable and transparent with the rest of the staff members. Other employees should be able to approach him or her if they have an issue.
Qualities of a bad leader
Some word which I can use to describe leaders who I least admire are; mercurial or capricious, a leader having these character will make juniors to be in worry all the times because they are not able to predict his or her reactions. I do not admire a leader who is a dictator and boastful because all the times he will never give you a chance to express your opinions yet they might be helpful. Other characters for a bad leader are, he or she is arrogant, intolerant, ignorant, changeable, bossy, deceitful, aggressive and conservative ( Davis, 2006).
In conclusion, as a leader one should encompass all the above-mentioned qualities of a good leader. Having the qualities one will be able to administer his juniors well without having any conflicts with them.