Gender Mainstreaming in Social Work – Assignment Example

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The paper "Gender Mainstreaming in Social Work" is an excellent example of an assignment on statistics. School and Staffing Survey (SASS) agency has provided the data of a number of teachers with their different base salary and additional income due to involvement in off-school activities with the purpose of showing the difference in gender mainstreaming in society social work. The data is collected using a descriptive survey during the school year from the teachers in public schools using questionnaire open-ended and closed structured questions. Questions are framed like; how much do you earn as a basic salary and are you comfortable with that amount?

Do you engage yourself with off-school activities while still at work and during vacations and how much do you earn for every activity you engage yourself with? A-represent number of male teacher’ s base salary and additional income from off-school activities respectivelyB-represent number of male teacher’ s base salary and additional income from off-school activities respectively Despite the high number of female teachers employed full-time in public school, they are lowly paid compared to a few numbers of male teachers employed full-time.

On the other hand, there is a reduced amount of additional income received by female teachers who are involved in off-school activities during the school year and vacation. The data shows a difference in inequalities and disparities in the society where the female has fewer advantages for the opportunities available in society. This can result in ineffectiveness and inefficiency in the performance of the organization especially when one gender realizes that it is being treated differently from the other gender. Secondly, increase in less sustainability of production with respect to an organization clientele can also be realized due to lack of gender mainstreaming practices in every organization since different gender has the potential to perform best in different areas of participation in every organization in the society. Overall, there is a need for gender mainstreaming practices in the social work available in the society in order to encourage increased effectiveness and efficiency, and sustainability of production in the social work opportunities available in the society hence promote equity and discouraging disparities in gender.


Kemp and Kessane, (2012). Interpreting and Predicting from Table Content and Charts. Journal of School and Staffing Survey (SASS).
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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