Cadburys Gorilla Advertisement – Assignment Example

The paper "Cadbury’s Gorilla Advertisement" is a great example of a marketing assignment.
A favorite commercial that can be viewed online is Cadbury’s Gorilla advertisement shown to the public on August 31, 2007 (YouTube). This commercial would be used to describe the following key communications/public relations elements (target audience, research, analysis, communications planning, and evaluation) that one believes the company may have discussed and why.
Key Public Relations Elements
Target Audience: All chocolate lovers whose lives are touched and enlivened by the elation associated with eating chocolates.
Research: Unique association with chocolate’s ability to stir emotions even on primates.
Analysis: The commercial, when being created and conceptualized focused on the ability to stir emotional appeal from various audiences in term of using the unique talent and ability of the gorilla to express emotions and its apparent capacity to burst into fully inspired life at the onset of Phil Collin’s drum beat portion of the song, In The Air Tonight.
Communications Planning: Obviously, a lot of planning in the conceptualization, design, preparation, and execution of the commercial was undertaken. With a covert link to Cadbury, the subliminal message is thereby left to the audience, especially in the last portion when milk was being vividly pored to the piece of Cadbury chocolate in their wrapper of a whole Cadbury bar.
Evaluation: Overall, the commercial was effective and catching as attested from garnering the “most awarded commercial in the world in 2008, according to The Gunn Report, a global ranking of winners compiled from the major annual industry awards shows” (Parpis par. 1).