Richard Lester Solomon – Assignment Example

The paper "Richard Lester Solomon " is a great example of an assignment on psychology. This article provides a strong biography of the career of Richard Lester Solomon, who was an experimental psychologist who focused to a large extent upon the concepts of avoidance learning and opponent-process theories of motivation. The article begins by providing a broad view of why this man is of interest to the reader, particularly mentioning his major contributions including both knowledge and the training of future knowledge-seekers within these fields. In doing so, it also attempts to present him as a man worthy of knowing simply on a personal basis. From this point, the article goes back to trace the major elements of Solomon’s life, beginning with a glimpse at his childhood family life and early childhood education, particularly pointing out the troubles he had in school and the inspiration that drove him to pursue a college education. His years at Brown University are then examined, indicating his preferred areas of study and how he eventually followed the path he took. The article then quickly indicates Solomon’s role during World War II before returning back to school and taking a position at Harvard. Beyond the biography, the article then takes a much more detailed look at Solomon’s work on avoidance learning, beginning with his study of dogs. His achievements in this field were marked by his use of systematic data and his development of the theoretical framework that allowed for the rich understanding of the subject. The article is rich in detail regarding how Solomon’s work was revolutionary for its time as well as how much of his findings remain largely in use today.