Is Prostitution a Victimless Crime – Assignment Example

The paper "Is Prostitution a Victimless Crime?" is a great example of an assignment on sociology.
I do not think it is a victimless crime because, in prostitution, a woman is selling off her dignity for a very low price. The discussion of price brings about quite a few pointers here in entirety. It is a fact that prostitution is seen as a profession that eventually leads to other crimes as well as intake of drugs on the part of the woman and hence it is not a victimless crime in essence. Moreover, prostitution leads to quite a number of heinous crimes on the part of the person who falls directly under the related quotient and this would mean that prostitution is an element of much more ailments that could mar the basis of one’s personality. What is important to decipher properly here is the fact that prostitution is a sin in its own right and nothing can replace the negativities attached with the same. No matter what kind of prostitution is there on display, the negativities will not subside at all. Prostitution cannot be allowed due to its magnitude being lesser in any extent of selling off the body on the part of the prostitute. It just is a very heinous crime and one that should be openly criticized for all the wrong reasons that emit out of the same. Therefore it would be correct to state that prostitution is not a victimless crime at all and hence should not be regarded as such. There is a difference in categorizing similar crimes but prostitution is not anywhere close to what one can envisage in the related contexts.